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Outsourcing opportunities

Post by steelfox on Sun May 30, 2010 8:22 pm

Steelfox Pte Ltd is currently seeking to outsource 3d modelling, visualisation and animation to suitable companies / individuals on a long term basis.

The requirements for consideration are:
Good spoken and written English for ease of communication.
Good understanding of architectural information with little supervision.
Availability with short notice. Ideally on a 7 day per week basis.
Fast turnaround time and highest quality work.
Proven track record of working remotely with at least 2 references that can be contacted for confirmation.

The projects are international and will range from a single day in duration to 3 months for the larger commissions. Some projects will require components of work only - modelling, rendering or animation. Many will be complete projects from start to finish. Applications are welcome for part or whole service.

Please send samples of work and a description of your company and capabilities / fee structures for consideration.



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