We are looking for a Freelancer "Please Read before you reply"

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We are looking for a Freelancer "Please Read before you reply"

Post by bhanArt on Thu Nov 04, 2010 7:02 am

Hi guys
My friend is looking for a Freelancer, which can do both still and animation
If interested please send your online Portfolio and fees for both still and animation.

Our requirements are
1.Have the Extensive Experience in Doing photorealistic Images and Animation (Please no silly questions if you're confident to deliver please show us)
2.Please give your Project Fee, Price per image and Price per Minute for animation. This is for Local Philippines Project Only.
I don't have the luxury of time of reviewing your works and replying just to ask "magkano".
3.Please Show us your Portfolio, we need person or team who can deliver !!! We need Visualizer not Interviewer so again please no question specially the silly one !!! If you don't have time to make a portfolio I Dont think you have time to deliver a Project.
4.This is Local Philippines Project, Manila Base so recommended within or near in NCR. This Project will be in the comfort of your place and time, we'll just manage it. There's a chance of local and international expantion

We'll just give the Project detail's for those who we think they can deliver.

Just a Background I should be doing this project but I dont have the time, Ans also I want to build a network of freelancer which I can recommend. Before I'm a fulltime Freelancer that's run thru out Laguna and Manila..then I joined the Modelcarft Digital Dubai one of its pioneer Visualizer then so on and so on .. wave

Thanks for you time, here's my email



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Re: We are looking for a Freelancer "Please Read before you reply"

Post by v_wrangler on Thu Nov 04, 2010 7:36 pm

That's some attitude. You are asking for assistance so act like you need them.

First and foremost - I do not know who invented that per minute thing but I think that's the most stupidiest thing ever invented in animation work.

It always boil down to scope of work, quality you want, the time you have and the amount of money you are willing to shell. Anyone can make a ten minute low quality work if all counts is the length of animation.

Without those three factors answered by you - its like hitting yourself with a large baseball bat.

It will be very difficult to quote a project that you do not know what entails. being a freelancer yourself - I am sure that you know that for a fact.

Now, tell me - how large is the scope, how much time you have and how much would you be willing to pay?

If we agree on your requirements. I will be happy to participate and deliver what you want.

If you want to discuss this further, you are free to email me in private and send me the plans and your storyboards for review. I will then see if your budget fits what you ask and if we agree I will send you a proposal or a quote if you desire.

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Post by bhanArt on Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:07 am

No Disrespect meant in this post. I'll try to make this Brief and avoid more Unnecessary Conversation. As I mention we need general Information about the artist and how much they fee, In this Stage we try to filter incoming submission and after that we choose artist or team and give them further Information about the particular Project, You have to understand we can't distribute Copyright plan just to every one, that's way we asking general Info and works. I'm making a straight forward business opportunity to all Aspiring CGP member who is interested and want to make further for their works, I just want to eliminate Nonsense Conversation.

And about the per Second/Minutes rate, This is done all over the industry from dubai(MDC), China(Crystal CG), UK (Viz One) and Viz Company in Australia, which I and my colleague had the opportunity with these International Company ...I Don't how stupid they are , but who know .... So I know that's the International Standard ... I remember when we done an Animation of Half Arabian Peninsula of Dubai with the Palm Trio (Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Deira) and have the Manmade River that's stretch to the middle of the desert.. even how huge and complex this Animation It's quote in per second. Enough for this.

I encourage the middle level freelancer which is confident can deliver, I preferred them most of the time because they are more innovative of technique and willing to learn new stuff, That's why I ask what the experience not how long the you are being Visualizer. When I collaborate with various Artist Pinoys and not Pinoys I find myself wanting to hit my head with Baseball bat rather have a argument with the Senior that always know it all ....for this project I'm not getting paid , I just want to share this rather to put it in the Bin. I'll just manage the output for the client, so dont worry I'm here to share knowledge and support.... "Keep it simple"

Thanks for your time

And for those who submitted and follow simple step you'll be hearing from us

And Cheers to all


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Re: We are looking for a Freelancer "Please Read before you reply"

Post by LOOKER on Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:04 am

Justifiable naman ang per minute na singilan, lalo na kapag vray ang output ng animation na 15mins/frame ang render time tapos wala pang render farm or dist.network at jologs pa ang PC Rig hehehe. PERO kung scanline lang ang output at massing concept animation lang with little details that would take 10secs/frame ang render time,,, papayag ako hinde per minute ang presyuhan. I dont know kung mag-aagree kayo sa akin, pero yun ang binabayaran mo sa animation eh, rendertime, level of detail and quality.
As per wrangler's point of view, medyo nakaka-insulto nga ang posting ng message mo dito Sir. Buti sana kung mason ang mga nakaka-view ng message mo dito, some of us are bs graduates and registered professionals. Talagang ganyan ang pag hahanap ng tao, time consuming. Maybe you should hire a third party to scan prospect employees kung sobrang halaga ang "time" mo. But please dont go to this website and post messages that are very rude...

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Re: We are looking for a Freelancer "Please Read before you reply"

Post by bokkins on Fri Nov 05, 2010 2:40 pm

I'm actually finding the 3 of you rude. And yup may mga points din ang arguments nyo but still rude. Anyway, I'm locking this thread.

To those who are interested, Submit or contact directly bhan_arnuco@yahoo.com.
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Re: We are looking for a Freelancer "Please Read before you reply"

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