my old school techniques

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my old school techniques

Post by vmax on Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:09 am

hello fellow
cgpians…I found this site when I was searching for the latest version of vray.
I was doing my rendering manually and started to use the earlier version of
3dstudio (self study) that was 14 years ago. My disability is that I don’t have
much enthusiasm about the technology that
keeps me in further improvement and left me behind. I use the application just
to do some conceptual architectural design using the default render engine. I
tried to integrate manual rendering
effects on my work coz I missed the old
school techniques: brush strokes or marker touches etc. and I thought of developing my own style but when I
saw the works of CGPTIZENS…wow, I am so
amazed and decided to register here to learn more about the speedy development of digital
presentation just to get updated. The competition in visualization field is so high.
Being a renderer was once a prestigious job.There are few guys known (kabayan)
for their style and I worked with one of them ,ARCH BENNY VELASCO.
Nowadays,visualization is becoming much of a hobby by enthusiasts . Sad to say
that SUPPLY AND DEMAND will have a tremendous effect on each one of us and the
hitechgen (just my term for hi
technology generation) with a gift in art will take over the field. For now the
end results are fascinating 2d images but what I foresee in the years to
come,the presentation will no longer be on
screen which is 2d but a total 3d in space,a HOLOGRAM of a building and the
elements within at the actual site, IMHO.

Soon I will get lots of “discount” and
“priority” privileges but it’s not too
late to get updated, at least, when you are with the community of the talented
who are willing to share their diverse passion.

To understand my
deficiency these is how I do my job :

1. Design and model in autocad in detailed 3d
layers based on pre-defined

Import the .dwg file in 3dsmax and do the obsolete basics.

Add some little touches in

The specification of the PC I used was not
enough to use even for MENTAL
RAY…it crashes! Finally I decided to invest on a new PC a year ago that
help me explore V-RAY. I am using a pirated softwares : AUTOCAD 2012 64bit,
3DSTUDIO MAX 2012 32bit, PHOTOSHOP CS. I’m not even sure if the 3DSTUDIO
MAX that I am using has the same
plug-ins and capabilities of the licensed one.

My resources is poor and whatever advise, suggestions to develop
the quality of my work will be gratefully appreciated. I hope you don’t mind if
I post my old school renderings…I just
want to show where the evolution of my work stops.


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