Lagere School Sint-Gillis, Belgium

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Lagere School Sint-Gillis, Belgium

Post by Dollmaker on Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:48 am

Good Evening,

This is a new joint learning project I did with Muvin Basha. Muvin is a very talented modelling artist and he did detailed modelling of this scene. We both wanted to learn something new in process and increase our skills,, so we did this project together..

Some words about the structure:

The streetscape shows a school building that takes up two building lots. This is reflected in the dual building design of the facade. The elongated windows accentuate the vertical rhythm of the street.

The building integrates easily into the formal vocabulary of its surroundings.
The building is not devoid of symbolism. Leaf motifs on its front side and green fixture coverings allude to growth and development. The classrooms are organised according to age: three per floor.

The administration and director’s office are situated on the top floor. The architecture is meant to be compact and space-saving in order to create as much open space as possible. The playground invites active playing. A dilapidated building situated in the back functions as a covered outside space. The outhouse in this building volume reflects the profile of its covering on a smaller scale. The ‘open air theatre’ is used for a variety of school activities.

Despite the presence of unmovable and durable materials such as concrete, concrete blocks, steel and glass, the school presents itself as a particularly familiar and child-friendly learning environment.

Project info is as follows:

Head Designer: Lens°ass Architecten [ ]

Other consultants:

Stabilité: V2S bvba
Techniques: studiebureel heedfeld nv
PEB: studiebureel heedfeld nv
Acoustiques: studiebureel heedfeld nv

Modeling: Muvin Basha. [ Add him to your Facebook ]
Lighting Texturing and Rendering: by myself [ Add me to your Facebook ]
Software Used: 3Ds Max 2011, Vray 2.0, Photoshop
Model Credits: Juan Carlos Ramos for Kids Cutout from Sunny front view. Some Models are from Evermotion as well as iCube R & D.
Render Times: Render times were between 2 to 5 hours each. Mostly cause I did everything on my Laptop which has only 8 GB ram.

You can also join us on next learning project if you have modelling skills Smile

Add me to your Facebook if you have any questions or just wanna be my friend Smile

Thank you and do leave a comment and let us know what you think about this work.

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Re: Lagere School Sint-Gillis, Belgium

Post by Zyl on Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:53 pm

Very nice! Well done thumbsup 
Keep it up.
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