Fandom, Inc. is HIRING. Looking for 3D Artists

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Fandom, Inc. is HIRING. Looking for 3D Artists

Post by aridpoison on Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:50 pm

Looking for amazing 3D Artists to work with us at Fandom, Inc! Either Freelance or Fulltime please PM me for details

We’re Fandom, Inc. A company made of enthusiasts for games and movies. We’ve been creating game assets, mobile apps, and commercials and also just released our own indie game! We’ve got a big project coming up and we’re excited to meet any of you who fits the requirements!

Please put 3D Artist Application as the title of your email.
We are currently based in the Greenhills area at San Juan.

We are looking for artists with a good combination or specialized in the following areas:

- Create a Character set in a Fantasy world
- Model with High Polygon Sculpts
- Ability to recreate the look set in a reference to the Character
- Use Normal Maps, Specular and other texture work
- Can Create a High Quality character in 2 weeks time

- Able to work with Motion Capture files
- Well Versed in Computer Game Rigging for Facial Features
- Can Create Animator Friendly Rigs
- Works with Maya and has knowledge in HumanIK a plus!

- Very Proficient in the use of Adobe Photoshop
- Has knowledge in creating human character hair
- Can recreate a look from a reference photograph
- Comfortable with working with high quality game models

- Knowledgeable in creating realistic movement
- Has experience with animating with Motion Capture a plus!
- Proficient in applying the 12 Principles of Animation in your work

Also you must be:
- Fun to work with and can manage and estimate time well
- Passionate and Willing to work with a small team

Thanks so much for your time! J


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