Looking for High Quality Photographs

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Looking for High Quality Photographs

Post by abl_langs on Thu Jul 24, 2014 1:05 am

I am looking for High Quality Device Photographs for my next project, below are the samples and specs:

1. at least 4000px real resolution not a resized image (i'm not that dumb)
2. sharp images
3. main subject should be in correct focus with depth of field.
4. must be in good lighting condition and correct exposure.
5. after my purchase, copyright should be mine.
6. i need RAW files or high resolution TIFF files
7. information on what time and which location, restaurant, hotel lobby, hotel bedroom or cafe you took the pictures.

If you are ok with the requirements, i will pay you per 1 set. 1 set = 10 images.
Each set won't be hard to make because mostly each set involves 1 location, i just need different angles and orientations of the device that why i need 10 images.

I am willing to pay per Set = php1500

FIRST SET: attached is the sample photograph set that i need. comes with 3 Devices: Macbook Air/Pro, iPhone 4/5s, iPad or iPad Mini. each device will have 2 orientations (landscape and portrait)

you dont need to copy all the details, as long as the overall compositions is around there.

you can send 1 sample of your pics or attached an image here base on the requirements so that i can check if it meets the standards. or email me here: sgtindie@gmail.com


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