FLYCAM Flowline Steady Camera Support

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FLYCAM Flowline Steady Camera Support

Post by Randy W. on Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:23 pm

Hello everyone,

I want to share my new product Flycam flowline, unique product. First time i seen it with India Based company Proaim . I like this product, really great device. 
When I purchased this product i was little confused whether i should buy it or not, will suit my requirement or not. 
But after using it I came to know that it is really fulfilling my all filming needs. With this product I shoot different type of angles from low to high due to its flexibility. This product is so stable that I use it for shoot while skating without any vibration. It is really very amazing. 
While browsing i found same product but the price of that is double of flowline. If i  talk about quality, Than its really well-built and comfortable for long hour shots.
I am very happy with this product.

Randy W.

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